Friday, May 13, 2011

#68 06-05-2011 Horse Powered Farming with Plowshare Farm etc.

In this episode we have a farming theme. I am glad to be able to welcome a guest in studio to talk about his own hands on experience working with horses at the Plowshare Organic Farm CSA. Dave Hope will be here to tell us a bit about his Suffolk Punch friends and more.
- We've also got a HAYField Report from Alex Pangman, a brand NEW reporter for the show. We'll tell you about reports we're putting together for the future.

Our live studio guest for the radio show interned on the farm and worked with these horses. We welcome Dave Hope to his radio debut, and he shares from his background with horses.  We also air a 7:35min segment of Ken Laing, footage, from Orchard Hill Farm, who has has had draft horses almost 30 yrs. Ken has developed specialized farm equipment for horses, and is very enthusiastic about sharing with others the knowledge and skill . He does draft horse workshops that include gourmet home-cooked meals, plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning and many good laughs! There was also a one-day workshop to show you how a woodlot can be logged carefully, effectively and safely with horses. We will cover skidding with 1,2 & 3 horses on the ground and with a cart. It looked at shoeing for winter work, thinning, selection of trees for harvest, and estimating harvest volume.

The Music Playlist:
Market Day, Maria Kasstan
Please Bless, Tanya Davis
Beets in the Cellar, Maria Kasstan
Act of Love, Maria Kasstan
Sweep the Dust, Tanya Davis

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