Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#73 07-03-2011 Canada Day Catch Up Show w/ Dave Hope

[ ] 20 sec Stn Id from guest co-host
[ ] 5:30 Pony, Tom Waits Song on Sara Watkins album
here's a song that recognizes that "I hope my pony knows the way home" feeling.
Grammy award winning songwriter and fiddle player that seems to pal around with Welch/Rawlings ha
"songs come and songs go, these are the songs that stuck" produced by Led Zepplin bassist "Mutual Admiration Society"

[ ] Some news that isn't about hooves, 
but you might be interested in following up on the PSA that we just made for Rabbit Rescue, an organization in Ontario that finds foster and permanent homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits. They just received hundreds of orphaned rabbits from an emergency situation of some kind on Manitoulin Island...yesterday! They expect the medical bills from spaying and neutering to be upwards of $20,000 and they're in desperate need of help. All of the rabbits are dwarf and lop-eared rabbits, so the cute factor is off the charts. I thought that, if you weren't interested in doing a show about it (since, duh, rabbits are not horses), you might announce their urgent situation on your show or spread the word with any horse people you know that might have extra farm space. For more info, you can visit: rabbitrescue.ca 

[  ] highlights from ??
‎"A Trot Insider exclusive by Hilary Eastmure."

The Standardbred horse is a highly specialized breed. More than speed, talent and luck combined, the sport of harness racing relies on genetics. The characteristics that make them great racehorses, including their athletic ability, hearty conformation and excellent temperament, are the result of decades of selective breeding. Virtually all the horses in the sport today are directly related to the champions of the past. The new speed records being constantly set at local racetracks and around the world are examples of genetics in action.  A single laboratory located in Guelph, Ont. holds the DNA records for every registered Standardbred in Canada and the United States. Maxxam Analytics is Canada’s largest analytical testing lab, with various environmental, petroleum and food microbiology testing divisions across the country. Both the animal and human DNA testing divisions are based in Guelph.

[ ] PSAs

[ ] I Want To Be In The Cavalry, Corb Lund

[ ] Farm Animal Care, Equine Fact Sheet Excerpts

[ ] Farming Fact Sheet Excerpts

[ ] Horse Solider, Horse Soldier, Corb Lund 2007

[ ] Fjord Horse by Rebecca, dedicated to Julia

[ ] Barn Fire Safety Tips

[ ] EBM tip of the week, door signs etc.

[ ] Natural Fly Repellent Top Ten, including a good laugh from Kim about the suggestion Dave would have never thought of

"winging it episode"
a popular guy today, Thank you for this fine record Mr. Lund
[ ] My Saddle Horse has Died, Corb Lund

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