Monday, July 18, 2011

#74 07-31-2011 Finding Common Ground?

When the hoofbeats (the band) appeared recently on hoofbeats radio, Murray Ritchie admitted not having any horse stories, but sent a shout out to his sister in law Jennifer Beehler, who I have since invited to join us in studio.  In keeping with the hoofbeats recommendation she is both horsey and musical and says:

"Andrew Taylor and I have been playing music together for about 10 years but only as a duo for the last 3. We write our own music (which we'll play for your show) and also do some covers of various artists like Cheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Shawn Colvin, Bonnie Raitt. Etc. Some Country, Blues, Rock and Folk. I have wanted to sing all my life but don't play an instrument so I was very lucky to meet a friend named Phil Langlotz who introduced me to many wonderful musicians including Andrew. We don't have an official band name but are toying with Common Ground. So we may have you introduce us as that. We'll see what Andrew thinks. As for horses, I have been riding since I was 10 and it is such a joy for me. I just love being around horses, they bring me a lot of peace.  I especially enjoy training young horses and fixing the problems of older horses to make them safe and enjoyable for their owners. Right now I ride in St. Jacobs with the best trainer I have ever ridden with, Mike Beaver.  I have learned tons from him."

i had created an 8-track playlist that are from OLD hoofbeats episdoes and a few versions of the same tune for today... but my blank cd's got packed and moved to my new home while i was still living out of the old one!  good thing we didn't even need any of this:
:30 sec the show intro when we were trying to be ONTARIO's horse talk instead of aspiring to work closely with our National Sport office;
:39 show description & contact info
3:42 Poncho & Lefty, Townes from Anthology ???
2:13 news hit from Jessica, courtesy of horse-canada april 2008 but an issue still on in awareness today
4:53 Poncho & Lefty, Emmy from Luxury Liner
1:29 another news hit, about CARD clinic
5:22 Poncho & Lefty, Townes from the live album at the Bluebird Cafe (Guy Clark & Steve Earle)
3:07 an Equine Guelph segment from when they were supporting us with photocopies and content research and such;
9:13 a cowboy poem where Mark's son played original acoustic guitar in the studio for the background track
10:49 20 Miles to Texas Left, Andrew Cash, from Murder =

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