Wednesday, August 03, 2011

#76 08-07-2011 Leading Edge Leadership!

Today on hoofbeats we will hear about a unique process that integrates the instinctive feedback of horses with leading edge leadership training, team building and other programs that accelerate learning and create breakthrough behavioural change. We will look at Leadership from the perspective of the herd - very different from the pack type leadership that is typical of organizations. Horses have a lot to teach us! 


The guest in the studio today is Sharon Quarrington, who is both an experienced organizational development professional and a skilled “horse whisperer.   Sharon works with businesses and individuals to improve communication processes, to cultivate team-building and leadership skills, and to craft conflict resolution strategies.   Sharon has developed "Horse Sense" programs, which utilize the universal principles of horsemanship to promote learning, refine relationship skills, and deepen understanding of leadership presence.

We share some news seen RE-floating around facebook 52 thoroughbred horses that were in fact rehomed instead of going for slaughter!

Our Horse of the Week, also comes from facebook - from Akaash Maharaj's post: "After several years of patience, fortune has finally smiled on me, and I have found the addition to my herd for which I have been searching."  Rex Bellorum is a rather large name for a wee lad, but the CEO of Equine Canada's new yearling stallion is expected to more than grow into it. He will be affectionately known as "Bello", which suits him perfectly as it is both a natural contraction of his name and the word for "handsome" in the language of his sire's breed.  Bello is a Warlander, a martial union of two of the most storied Baroque breeds: Spanish Andalusian and Dutch Friesian. He has the collected muscle, playfulness, and elegant lines of his Andalusian sire, and the even temperament, stately neck, and impressive legs of his Friesian dam.  It will be about three years before Bello and his owner will be riding together, and until then, Akaash will be performing groundwork with him to cultivate his mind, physique, and spirit.  Akaash says "I hope that he and my thoroughbred Chance will become fast friends and run riot together at The Tilting Yard, our farm at Almonte, and eventually become partners in UNICEF Team Canada - The National Tent Pegging Team."  
Congratualtions Bello, you are hoofbeats "Horse of the Week!"

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"Our Time Now," Tannis Slimmon, Lucky Blue 
"My Body Moves," Tannis Slimmon, Lucky Blue
"Edmonton," Tannis Slimmon, Lucky Blue

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