Friday, August 05, 2011

#78 08-27-2011 Fanatics, Foals 'n Facts

[ ] 3 min of PSAs
[ ] 2 min? load winamp - Karen's pre recorded bio
[ ] 2:41 pre-recorded segment, re: foaling p1

Did you know that esteemed local and national talent Tannis Slimmon is a long-standing horse fan?  If I'm not mistaken she even rode a horse to school from her farm house growing up in Winnipeg, but don't quote me on that.  I've invited her into the CFRU studio to dispel any false rumours and give us the real truth about her love of horses!

Q. background/experience with horses
Q. current involvement?
what do you love about them?


I've also invited
[ ] let's hear some of young Ailsa's favourite horse facts!
Q. what do love about horses?

[ ] 5:16 foaling p2

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