Monday, May 14, 2012

#81 06-03-2012 Odysseo Extended

[ ] PSA's

[ ] kim's 45:00 min multi-session recording
including, pre-recorded voice over

>>:03 [ ]  JD's show identification

>>3:07 [ ] Majolie Nadeau, Acrobat/Rider Interview from Press Conference

>>5:45 [ ] Rider Interview #2, from Press Conference - Batraz Tsokolaev

>>>21:18 [ ] pre-recorded phone interview with Marc-Olivier Leprohon, Artistic/Equestrian Coordinator, where he provides definitions of the styles of equestrianism used in the show and answers the question "do you think horses like music? and reveals the name of his favourite horse in his workplace." 

>>> [ ] deb's recording of kim's bio
>>> [ ] kim's Pony Daze blog excerpt "That Stormy!"

[ ] to recap, on today's show we featured the Cirque D'Solie style theatrical show, starring over 60 horses, currently on tour in Toronto, Cavalia’s innovative new show, Odysseo.  Tickets for this event at the world's largest touring stage, under the planet’s largest touring big top are available....  It is a feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering the spectacular, with soul, because of the way the animals are treated. Get tix at

pre-recorded show outro
[ ] do live CREDITS, over musical outro
[ ] preview next week's show

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