Friday, May 04, 2012

#79 05-13-2012 Odysseo for Mother's Day Show

Welcome to the Mother's day's show! The hoofbeats radio herd is back in the saddle and reining in a whole season of new episodes, starting today.

The feature of this episode is Odysseo. Have you heard of the new show from Cavalia that, marries equestrian arts, stage arts and amazing high-tech theatrical effects? The original Cavalia show has been touring for nine years, and I saw it with my mother when it appeared in Toronto 2005, when it was already drawing record crowds and rave reviews. The Toronto premiere of the all-new Odysseo is this Tuesday, May 15th, and hoofbeats will be there. We can't wait to attend!

The creators of this new ode to the horse indulged all their artistic ambitions and, in so doing, have delivered a larger-than-life spectacle, a two-hour dream that is a feast for the eyes. Odysseo delivers a spectacle with soul and pushing the limits of live entertainment while and sending hearts racing. ( for further details.)

This show will also mark the first broadcast of one of Kim's own stories, a first time Pony Daze blog excerpt... "Just How Much Moxy"

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