Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#89 07-22-1-12 Another Slice of An Equestrian Life

On Episode #89 of Canada's horse talk radio show, hoofbeats!  we share another Slice of a Diverse Equestrian Life interview with Lauren, who Kim contacted through a post on Equine Guelph's job track website.... she rides, works for Omega Alpha and has taken courses with Equine Guelph, and we get to hear all about it!

We also did a shout out for volunteers willing to pariticipate in a panel discussion about horse slaughter, in August.  The laws in America are changing now, as is the environment in Canada. Not to mention the horrors that await a huge number of Standardbreds.  How do you feel about it? What do you know about the issues around horse slaughter?  Would you eat horse meat? I read a quote recently from an American source, "What really bothers me is the hypocrisy. As soon as they cross the border we turn a blind eye. And those horses die a horrible death," he said, about Mexico I hope/wonder, vs Canada?  Adding, "We can regulate slaughter and make it humane. To everybody who opposes slaughter, tell me your solution to 130,000 unwanted horses every year." -- source

You also get to hear a horse-mentioning Fish & Bird tune!

John's interview segment with the high profile equestrian journalist Nancy Wetmore is certainly worth a listen and we'll also have the story A Ride To Remember.    Kim was totally blown away when Bry Webb handed a cd to her in the hallway.  He said they are friends of his and that he really loves the album.,Horse Stories, by the Dirty Three.  Isn't it great used in support of this Pony Daze excerpt?

Did you get to hear enough about the continuing education for natural health professionals Omega Alpha Scientific Institute of Supplements provides? Educational health seminars and lectures for the health minded? Maybe we should have Lauren Marlborough, Account Manager Sales & Marketing, back again! 
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