Friday, July 13, 2012

#88 07-15-2012 From Myrddin to Mongolia

Welcome to episode #88 of hoofbeats! (radio), which we have titled Myrddin to Mongolia.  Nicole who is a musician, teacher and mother of Cypress (one of my former students and best-ever horseshow-announcer cof-hosts from the annual Myrddin Equestrian Centre Short Course Event) wrote:   "Not sure if you knew of the whole genre of Mongolian songs about horses. I picked up a CD of Mongolian Music played by a group of musicians while in Amsterdam, and it features lots of throat and overtone singing on it which makes it extra cool.  I'd love to share it...   and so now it is my pleasure to welcome Cypress, Nicole and their musician family man.

Apparently, as musicians themselves, they've been practicing some walk, trot, canter, gallop music.  Before we get to a pre-recorded Pony Daze blog entry, or any of that Mongolian music, let's hear some of their live stylings!

We will also air one of Kim's Pony Daze Blogs, Old Fashioned Love, and improvise on the soundtrack of the whole entire show.

Giddy up!

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