Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#101 12-02-2012 U of G Equestrian Club

Welcome to the University of Guelph Equestrian Club 101 show on hoofbeats.  To start out this episode, we are going to air some on-site audio collected during a group dresson lesson, comprised of Equestrian Club members under the direction of Ute Busse, 2011 Coach of the Year.  We will also welcome the Driving and Western coach into the studio for a chat, and we are hoping for a call in from the Eventing Coach, so stay where you are and listen up.

3:15 lesson bit
3:13 ute moment
3:00 PSAs

9:10 am
Welcome to Kathy Wilcox.
Q. Tell us about your facility
Q. Tell us about your involvement with the U of G Equestria Club
Q. What is your horse background
Q. Can you tell us more about the horses
more from Kathy.  is there anything you want to talk about that we haven't asked yet?
9:30 am?
We are also hoping for a call in from MH Lessard at Equus 3D.
Q. tell us about the event that from the photograph
Q. it says you were JUMPING in a dressage demo
Q. how often/long do you ride with your teacher Lorraine Stubbs, why do you take lessons etc.
Q. is it true you are the coach for the Equestrian Club members in the eventing stream, what can you tell us...

in the barn conversation with the dressage riders.  listen for the grooming sounds, the velcro of the horse's boots coming off and the other familiar comfy horse sounds.
show outro

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