Monday, October 29, 2012

#99-11-18-12 The Royal Report and a Q&A with an Animal Health Professional

the music in this show is mostly Joni Nehrita, as introduced by John Granger.  Yes! it would be good to edit and re-broadcast, no?

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Welcome to episode 99 of hoofbeats radio.  Jean (Scott-nicky) is our guest, and we have audio from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, as well as some great music planned for this show.  Just a warning that when Jean tells us the name of one of the farm pets, we use another word for donkey that some could find offensive... but you can take my word on the fact that is one sweet and cute goat out there!

you could see this was in fun!
it was so cute to see animals play that way.

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We wanted to mention that our show is still hoping to inspire at least $65 in donations, in order to reach our Raise Your Voice fundraising goal, even though the deadline has passed.  You can pledge at and we encourage you to do so!

In today's show we have another interview about an individual's horse life. As you heard in the first segment Jean Szkotnicki is the president of The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI), which is the trade association representing companies that develop, manufacture and distribute animal health products (which include animal pharmaceuticals, biologics, feed additives and animal pesticides) in Canada.
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14:50 Royal Audio Collected

royal walk thru, lamb auction, carol at the royal, bob at the royal, evie at the royal, chris at equimania, country lane at royal, jordan + the palimino at royal, kathy inge at royal, lorie ham at royal, valerie shaw at royal, dr. paula at royal

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