Sunday, May 19, 2013

#120 05-18-2013 An Equestrian's Evolution

Margaret Godson, from Myrddin Equestrian Centre, has an impressive and extensive equestrian background.  In this episode of hoofbeats, she reveals that she loves horses because they are such honest, noble, forgiving creatures that support us in what we want to do unconditionally.  

Her gift to teach people to become one with the horse, and experience the magic, timeless, effortless zone of smoothly blending energies also shines through.

For those interested in EFT, you should check out some audio at 38:11.  We learn that Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful healing technique, using gentle tapping of energy points, that can release energy blockages in the body, and thus the related negative emotions -- especially those that have manifested in underlying behavouir patterns or health problems.

At 45:49, there's more details about EFT for horses.

The music in this program was a kind of Riding with the Stars meets Pure Guelphishness.  I aired two versions of the lovely tune "Trouble In the Fields" the first by Sarah Harmer (at 13:44) and another by songwriter Nanci Griffith (at 33:54), and then co-host John Granger shares a Joni Nehrita track (at 50:15)

The original interview first aired at CFRU on Dec 9, 2012, and also on May 19, 2013 on The Grand 92.9 in Fergus at 7pm

- Enjoy!

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