Monday, June 03, 2013

#121 - Meet Hanoverian, Inga Hamilton!

photo from Inga's facebook profile
"If you see nothing but the beauty of their markings and limbs, their true beauty is hidden from you."

In this episode of hoofbeats! we welcome the head trainer at Parkwood Stables; a private equestrian facility in Rockwood that is dedicated to raising Hanoverian horses. The facility offers first class boarding, training, coaching and sales, nestled on a picturesque 100 acre farm, where Inga Hamilton backs young horses, prepare mares for mare performance tests, and trains horses from the beginning to upper level. She carefully and systematically rides the horses, preparing them for sale, showing or for the individual owner.

Inga Hamilton has shown Dressage up to Grand Prix, and recently attended Dressage at Devon. Is it true she won every class? I know some who were skeptical she'd interview with us! She has been an auction rider at the main Hanoverian auction in Germany and is part of the Hanoverian inspection team in Canada. Her students have shown up to Upper Level Dressage and one student (recent hoofbeats interview subject Judi Island), was part of the Canadian Team at the Paralympics in Athens, under Inga's guidance.

Inga is past president/board member of Hanoverian Breeders Club with the goal to produce a noble horse with a cooperative temperament, elastic gaits, correct conformation, and outstanding ability in international equestrian disciplines. We talk about starting young horses. all about the breed as well as the horses at Parkwood.

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