Monday, November 11, 2013

#136 11-18-2013 Animated About Horse Anatomy?

In this episode we welcome a former employee of the OVC, Grant Campbell. He is fascinated by horse anatomy and shares some of his observations, and learnings.  Not just a horse enthusiast, he is a music enthusiast and musician and selected the Pure Guelphishness musical feature for the show: Mo Kauffey, which you can read more about at Blog Guelph.

We also aired a safety segment sent to us by Rebecca Tower, who is using her cell phone as a recording device, while underway as a working student at Myrddin Equestrian Centre.  Some of her tips reminded me of the suggestion I used to make with students, that they may as well ride in the car to their lesson with their helmet on, ha.

You will also hear another reading by Sarah Sheard.

I like this one because its so appropriate for the weather lately.  Flying Changes Chapter #7  (with Neil's intro) 3:10

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