Monday, November 11, 2013

#138 12-02-2013 The Hamilton Huntsman

We start off today's episode with a Horstory Segment about Field Hunting.  And then we welcomed Andrew Marren, The Hamilton Huntsman, into coversation about the sport of hunting, his background, and the hunting in general, as well as the Hamilton Hunt Club's upcoming events.  Can you tell hoofbeats is working on an award focused on enhancing the image of Canadian Equine Interests to the Canadian public?  We did not grill him too hard about criticisms of hunting or how its been outlawed in England for many years.

We also hear Sarah Sheard's Chapter 8, Between My Thighs, 2:48 with Neil's intro, a segment about the ache and beauty of restarting riding,  horse allergies, and puffy coats.  And then, we updated our blog welcome page for guests to talk about scents and such, ha.

I forgot to do a call out for support regarding awards nominations, or the ticket giveaway we've now posted on our facebook page.  But, you can write to us anyway at

The Pure Guelphishness playlist featured Harri Palm, which you can read more about at blog guelph.

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