Monday, December 16, 2013

#139 12-16-13 Team Canada Revisited!

In this episode, without any pre-amble, we re-broadcast the interview with Judi Island that garnered an Ontario Equestrian Federation 2013 Media of the Year Award nomination and 2013 NCRA award Honourable Mention, as well as the interview that resulted in the huge honour of Olympian Michele Meuller's support for an Equine Canada 2013 Media Award nomination. The show includes casual conversation with Michele Mueller in 3 parts, including some really intimate details about the cross country run in London at the 2012 Olympics, and her most memorable Christmas ever!!! The pre-recorded conversation with Judi Island airs in 2 parts, for about 15 min total. At the end of our phone call, off-air, she asked, "My mom wants to know if you are the same Kim Logue who was in Meadowvale Pony Club and an instructor at Myrddin..." When I answered YES! she informed me that she had taken my picture for the yearbook. Isn't that something?

We also played Horsestory Part 6, The Saddle 7:47 and the Safety Segment part 3 from Rebecca Tower, Myrddin Equestrian Centre working student (who's photo albums I follow on facebook, and who submits email mp3's recorded on her cell phone) as well as a Flying Changes blog reading from Sarah Sheard. You will also hear two tracks from Marie Lynn Hammond's cd called hoofbeats, the songs Pegasus and Emily Flies.

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