Monday, May 26, 2014

hoofbeats #151 06-26-2014 Calling All Horse People

On our very long standing horse talk radio show at CFRU 93.3fm in Guelph, we interview diverse guests who discuss varied exposure and experience with horses. Today's guest posted on facebook that they would love a chance to gallop around the mic with us, and then joined us for an informal in-studio chat. Did you hear us discussing Angelstone? We plan to clarify/reveal more about the facilities in future...

To embody the charm of community radio, some of the technical aspects in the studio at CFRU were challenging today, but the conversation was easy! Even our host revealed some new equestrian aspirations, and since the smart, athletic 2 yrs trained 8 yr old almost pony is out of the bag, so to speak, your interest in providing some "radio feature" consultations is most welcome!

There is also a musical element to the hoofbeats radio show and you can read about today's playlist at Blog Guelph.

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