Monday, May 19, 2014

hoofbeats #150 05-19-014 Holiday Monday

Today on hoofbeats we played the 10min segment we edited to send to the NCRA awards, for Outstanding Achievement in the Magazine/Current Affairs show category.  The audio link posted here as well was an excerpt of the interview with Brian Tropea from early in 2014.  Mostly, we're just hoping for more people to hear about the state of things in the Harness Racing world, since the government cancelled the longstanding revenue sharing agreement between the slot machines and the horse people at tracks.  Are you interested in supporting the sport?

If you listen back in CFRU's archive you will hear that the music featured White Lighting, Thunder in the Mountain, and Coal Mine by Danny Michel.

You will also hear the next excerpt in the Storybook Jaylen has been reading to us, as well as original writings/readings by Sarah Sheard and Kim Logue.  There were two NEW reports from the hayfield by Alex Pangman and a detailed Safety Segment from Rebecca Tower.

I didn't even turn on a mic.  I kind of took a little live radio vacation for this Holiday Monday.


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