Saturday, September 13, 2014

hoofbeats #160 09-06-2014 Intention vs. Impact

We've interviewed Sharon Quarrington before, about her Horse Sense Leadership Training, and loved learning from her. We invited her back because she's planning a new riding program for mature women, and would love to hear from anybody who would love to ride again but is not happy with a typical riding school - what would you LOVE to see in a riding program that would help you get back in the saddle? or just back with horses (she is adding agility from the ground programs for those who do not want to ride but want to spend time with horses).

In the discussion she created more interest in Xenophon, Linda Tellington Jones and introduced the wonderful phrase, Horse Listener!

The Pure Guelphishness Playlist:
39:02, 3:29, Shannon Lyon, The InBetween, Bound, Busted Flat Records, 2004? (announced incorrectly as In All Honesty lol)
56:30, 4:23, Carry Me Down, Shannon Lyon, Bound

check it out as a "podcast" here:

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