Sunday, May 31, 2015

#164 06-14-2015 Flying Changes

We open this week's episode with the very first "Flying Changes" blog reading sent to us by Sarah Sheard.  We've played it before but thought you'd enjoy hearing it...

Then local horse enthusiast and Centre Wellington's Youth Citizen of the year Zoe Clarke chats informally about the work she is doing now with her horse, including working on flying changes.  We discussed lots of exercises. Did I say shoulder in and shoulder out? I meant shoulder in and haunches in. E-gads, I'm so rusty! Why would I even bring up travers and renvers? Just overwhelmed by wishing to be back in the actual saddle.

The Pure Guelphishness Playlist featured Jason Raso, including: Spinning Forth, Eyes of Broadway, Stone Cold Liberation and some of Eye of Reflection.  It is also a snippet from the album's title track, Man of 40 Faces, that we used in our show intro.  Enjoy!

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