Monday, June 22, 2015

#165 06-21-2015 One Horse Power

The inspiration for today's show was a song called One Horse Power, inspired by Beaumont, the horse in this photo, with his owner/rider and songwriter Colonel Tom Parker. Tom and his partner Alex Pangman are both horse people, so we featured some of her music as well. We also played several of Alex's segments for hoofbeats, as our hayfield reporter, including covering topicss like Irish Mossing, Tripping, and Helmet Cams.

We also played chapter 2 in the Flying Changes series by Sarah Sheard, who has published 4 novels and provides readings of her 5th in progress to our radio show.

There was also news of an upcoming Grassroots Eventing Showcase happening at Myrddin Equestrian Centre on Jul 22, followed by a safety segment submitted by one of the working students there, in her 2nd month in the role.

Do you enjoy the Cowboy Poetry from Mark Grice?

I haven't progressed the Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre PSA much yet, regarding the event for Sept 26. And, I wish there was a sign in every barn of every participant, encouraging listenership of hoofbeats! These contributions are all, really, worth hearing. Could some one make us one I can email around? I also forgot to make the plea for volunteers and future guests!

The Pure Guelphishness Playlist featured Nick Craine, and 2 or 3 tunes from his new release, Songs Like Tattoos, starting with the title track. It was fun to do a shout out to him, "More Music!"

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