Sunday, February 05, 2017

S10, Ep#199 Cuties for Catching Canada (i.e. kecing-canada).com

This is Katie and Jewel who are embarking in April on a cross Canada trek with their mounts Lux and Ora.  I love how in today's episode, I give a shout out to my friend Kimber Sider and her Chasing Canada adventure.  Do you hope, like me, she will participate again soon???  

These gals are thinking they might average 30km per day, on their dog-guides fundraising mission, and they were promoting:  We talked about how they are preparing, and what they will pack!

It was also fun how a lot of equipment was down at the station, so instead of pre-produced segments, we aired LOTS of extra local music...

Had you already heard all of those Richard Laviolette songs?
10:21 Mountain Goats
10:47 Post-Punk Tranny-Folk
10:50 Your Many Different Forms

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