Monday, February 13, 2017

S10, Ep #200 A Collection of Stories, Black History Month

I was tuned in to CFRU a lot over the weekend, and heard some BBC reporting on whether democracy is in jeopardy? And, I loved how fellow programmers were playing music from around the world, in different languages, and doing unique shout outs to Black History Month.  I also loved the music that was so enticingly displayed around the station...  although I stuck to my plan to listen to the CD I got when I worked front of house for the magnificent and moving musical "A Black Girl in Search of God" when it played over and over at Harbourfront Centre.  I must have seen it, front row, almost 20 times - and I got invited to the cast wrap party!

For the horse talk segment of the show, I aired a collection of stories.  Three from my own blog that pretty much bring things up-to-date, plus some other (contributions) rebroadcast from Sarah Sheard, Mark Grice and the Horse-Story serial from Jessica Miller our very first year!

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