Thursday, October 19, 2017

Turning Over a New Leaf?

This week a recurring 12 yr old co-host takes the reins! Since there is nothing new to air in the Conversations Worth Having, "Death and Aging" series this week, we are, happily, letting equestrian guests override. happy hoofbeats! 
horse talk is also a Conversation Worth Having...

This week we speak to Dr. Jonathon Edwards Ph.D, University of New Brunswick, who in conjunction with CAC, is recruiting participants for a research project; To explore the quality and validity of the Coach Evaluation Experience.  If you are interested in participating in the survey, please visit the link

We also spoke to Melissa of New Leaf farms, who has 5 horses boarded at J&J Quarterhorse Farm facility on Speedvale just west of the Hanlon, with an indoor arena, outdoor sand ring and trails off property.  She is developing an Equine Assisted Learning Program with a focus on 12X1 hour group lessons that develop communication and conflict resolution and more.  She told us about the 11.1 hand pony hackney cross Daisy, a 16.1 Morgan cross (thoroughbred arabian), as well as 9 yr old 15.1 hand black and white (tobiano) spotted saddle horse, and a 15.2 dunn quarter horse cross who really likes children not to mention the bombproof palomino tennessee walking horse who is the newest addition to the herd.  Did you catch that she uses Western/Australian saddles?

We also recorded a voice track we will hope to use in a hoofbeats radio show promo!

"Conversations Worth Having, with host Kim Logue, covers tough topics and themes, from a series on aging and death to food and water issues. But, at least once a month equestrian guests override, and horses talk? You should listen... p.s. To get involved email"

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