Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NCRA Awards Submission Feb 2018

This submission comes from another project, called Conversations Worth Having, which includes a series on aging and death. Because Community care in Ontario already is very bumpy, in a system with resources already stretched. And, with the demographics of the gray wave or silver tsunami looming on the horizon, it is time to start talking about it!
"Five Wishes" broadcast Sun Jan 29, 2017 on CFRU.

In this particular 9min 43sec episode excerpt we hear from Jennifer Mackie, an expert in Medical Assistance in Dying. When is one’s death reasonably foreseeable? 10/10 of us are going to die..  “We’re all gonna die of something” is an expression I grew up hearing, and I am happy in this segment to include the voices of my very own mom, and dad - not long before he passed away.

About the Producer:
I have been producing an occasionally-award-winning horse talk radio show called hoofbeats, for over a decade, and the podcasts are now available in iTunes! 

The photo below is meant to represent producer-as-a-fictional character.

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