Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Mystery Tour Announcements

We are thrilled to announce our Audio Documentary project garnered support from Ed Video!  Ed Video’s Production Grant Program supports media art creators by granting no-cost access to equipment resources, especially for projects with a strong artistic component.  Because producer Kim Logue also accesses the Career and Skills Development Award with no-cost Workshop Access, we hope to start incorporating a film component! !!  We thought you might also want to know about this:

Sharing Equine Therapy, an article for the Rider

I bet everyone of us reading this magazine knows the profound benefits of being around horses. And we all know how horses mirror us, while having no judgement. We have all seen how horses can help us develop leadership skills or heal from stress, not to mention benefit physically from all the hard work! And then there is learning team work, responsibility and true partnership.

At a recent event in Guelph called “An Evening of Sharing - Equine Therapy” I heard that a growing number of Canadians are discovering the healing power of horses. In equine-assisted therapy and learning, horse and human are brought together to tackle a long list of issues, including mental heath. It reminds me of how doctors in Japan are prescribing “Forest Bathing,” for the benefits of nature.

However, I find it unsettling how many Life Coaches, Counsellors and Corporate Trainers are popping up everywhere, chasing their dreams and following the passion of their youth, which was being around horses. Because I am seeing facilities that are being run by great sales people, with barely adequate equine training or experience. How does one set about examining facilities EQUINE credentials?

EFW, EAGALA, CANTRA, OE, EC, UoG ~ BBRM, OVC, what’s your favourite acronym?

hoofbeats radio and podcast, produced in Guelph, is starting site inspections, to help ensure horse welfare and human safety with an eye to National standards, and perhaps International Standards too.

Imagine a world where youth reporters are empowered by hoofbeats to get out and ask questions, including about animal rights, while they visit horse facilities. They will observe and record as they work through our mystery tour checklist. And, records and recordings of their visits will be compiled by a qualified, longstanding rider/trainer, riding and horsemanship instructor.

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