Wednesday, June 06, 2018

hoofbeats 2018 Hero of The Horse -- Ann Caine

this is our nomination - as submitted for the Horse Canada Contest!

She is truly devoted to the welfare of each and every individual animal in the Sunrise program, even when they retire.  With the knowledge and strong education, background and network to ensure it!!!  Meanwhile, the Sunrise program is one that continues to promote involvement with horses, making it sustainable and accessible to the general public - while adhering to all proper accreditation standards to ensure the horse industry's healthy survival... Does this woman sleep? We ask each other behind her back.  She has been, and continues to be so passionate, and so successful and so hardworking in support of Sunrise Therapeutic Learning and Riding Centre. Fundraising, networking, promoting awareness, recruiting instructors, truly connecting with participants and staff.  Even mentoring "outsiders" like hoofbeats radio, helping us in our quest to review and educate equine therapy facilities as they pop up in the new equestrian landscape.  What an amazing legacy.

She single handedly seems to drive, even though RETIRED, an amazing gem of a facility that continues to develop the full potential of children and adults with disabilities and lead them closer to independence through a therapy, recreation, horse riding, life skills and farm related activity program.

Have you sent in your nomination to Horse Canada yet? The deadline is July 15!

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