Thursday, June 07, 2018

If You Jump - A Shout out for Adee's New Single

Tune in to or 93.3fm this Sunday June 10, between 10-11am, to hear our conversation with a lovely musical recording artist and horsewoman from Sweden!

Adée is a Swedish artist and producer that stands with her feet steady on the ground, mixing soul with hip-hop in a modern and creative way.

Her unique voice shines through in all her creations, leaving an unforgettable imprint on listeners. hoofbeats spoke to this talented woman recently, on the telephone and via messenger, briefly at least -- and yes! because her mother has a lot of students who ride icelandic horses so she has met and ridden a few. "They are wonderful horses" she said, off air. In pre-release of the song June 8 she is colllecting shoutouts (greeting videos) and asked we would like to do one together with some cute horse! Coming up next is a bit about her background and current involvement with horses in two parts. You will also hear the new single, "If you Jump!" -- Enjoy.

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