Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Unforgettable Symposium and Horse Welfare Day

We covered a lot of ground in our short hour!  Give a listen here:

In the hoofbeats radio studio today, we have Dr. Katrina Merkies, Associate Professor & PhD, Faculty Advisor of BBRM Equine Management Depart of Animal BioSciences. We'll talk a bit about the Annual Equine Symposium, and how it has been building momentum, and making such an impact. We also hear a bit about the BBRM Equine Management program.  We also discuss horse welfare assessment tools, because we agree about "a responsibility to advance and promote ethical and sustainable approaches to equine welfare through equitation, management, and behaviour."

Her research always revolves around horses - behaviour, welfare, equitation and management. Equitation in the broad sense refers to close interactions between horses and humans. Research outputs vary from decoding horse-human interaction, to the use of whips in horse racing, effects of various equipment used to ride and train horses, behavioural measures of stress, and human recognition of horse vocalizations.

Katrina Merkies 

Katrina Merkies

Why Guelph…
This is the only lab in Canada specializing exclusively in equine behaviour and welfare.

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