Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Summer's End Show, Featuring the music of Drew McIvor!

This show contains a few Riding With the Stars segments, including one with Rose Cousins!  Also, one of my heroes, Laurie Brown.

I decided to rebroadcast this one, on September 23, 2018 featuring my Summerfolk show, in the hopes that Drew McIvor can earn bigger SOCAN Royalty cheques...  I'm such a fan of him as a person, AND as a gifted musician!

Here's the playlist from part 1:
from Drew's Album Through The Tangle of Trees, Intoxicated,  3:51
Rainy Day Lullaby, 2:58
Marmora Blue, 4:32
Stars, 4:01

Talk times: 9:04 -9:13, 9:15:50-9:16:32, 9:21-9:24, 9:28-9:32,9:33-9:37, 9:41-9:56

part two:
Jason Raso, Man of 40 Faces, Suite Smell of Success-Man of 40 Faces 45 seconds (theme music)
Rose Cousins, Natural Conclusions, Chosen 4:02
Rose Cousins, Natural Conclusions, Grace, 4:01

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