Thursday, October 04, 2018

Falling for Myrddin Equestrian Centre

On Sunday Sept 30th at 10:00am, Myrddin Equestrian Centre was announced as the Y2Q1 Winner of the hoofbeats Mystery Tour!

Regular listeners know that the hoofbeats crew have been undertaking "Mystery Shops" and researching the professionalism and horse welfare standards of equine facilities in the Region.  This information and education program employs a detailed "walk about" survey worksheet that incorporates the requirements and recommendations of the National Farm Animal Care Council's Equine code, as well as standards and suggestions of OE, EC, CANTRA, OMAFRA, CPC, and Equine Guelph.

Many of the research interviews are broadcast, and many "horse of the week" reports result from these site visits, and annually/quarterly hoofbeats survey winners are announced on radio.

Myrddin Equestrian Centre recently celebrated 40 years of coaching with the Annual "Fun Day" and Horse Trial event at 5046 Trafalgar road, which was a great success.
Check out their coach bios and facility in person! Myrddin ranked very well in terms of human safety, horse welfare and athletic direction. Congratulations.

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