Sunday, October 28, 2018

Riding With The Stars -- Erik Bleich, Lyndsey Hunt (and, More!)

Today on hoofbeats is a pre-release recording from a musical friend I met as we were both volunteering at the 2018 Folk Music Ontario conference info desk. He recorded a long dark beautiful tune that mentions horses:
They came and went and they took your steed
The joke’s on them they could have had it for free
That horse was dying anyway
So go what come and come what may
and then he also tells a little horse story. Enjoy the tune from Erik Bleich!

We also hear from Jory Nash and we welcome an Advance Certified FEEL practitioner and animal communicator, Lyndsey Hunt, to the studio to hear about her current involvement and background with horses.  There are also some words from Grace who is the captain of U of G's Dressage Team (IDA).

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