Sunday, October 21, 2018

Daine Creech Clinic, and BBRM Alumni Event Coverage, Fall 2018

In this episode of hoofbeats, you'll hear the first recording from the BBRM Equine Management Alumni event, Constance from TD's presentation (as recorded by our emergency recruit Olivia).  She got a gig as an Ag Services Associate, 2 days after her last exam, and then got posted as an analyst 5 months later — working under an account manager, with 135 clients. She explains how the Acct Mgr is the face customers see, and focus on selling products, while she is a behind the scenes person doing risk analysis… As I was growing up, my dad would sometimes explain to me the debt-per-cow ratios he had to consider in his role as a commercial agricultural lender at Head Office, for Ontario North and East decision. And, that lead to a very meaningful career for me in banking for more than 15 years!  Constance has advice for current BBRM students:  Working for a bank was the last thing on her mind. Her dad was an accountant, and she thought that was boring. But she’s been there almost 3 years now, and thinks it was a great experience — so suggests you be super open minded!!! You could find something very cool.  I felt like the Q&A discussion that airs near the end is useful for promoting bus electives, economics, accounting, social responsibility, etc. I loved that she has KNOWLEDGE OF THE DATA SYSTEM ON A DAIRY FARM, and still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

Then we air Olivia's appearance as a guest on hoofbeats.  She never mentioned the name of the place where she is riding, but I think I know it.  I wish I had asked her to elaborate on the hour of ground work she does with one regular mount before riding, because I've always thought lunging is hard on horses and is usually limited to 20 minutes, so I'd like to know more...

You will also hear, as well as a casual chat at the recent clinic hosted by Summer Baillie Dressage... I wanted to hear some of the take aways one of the participants at the Diane Creech clinic, and met. a rider who has an equine business (pictured below).  There are also some lovely tracks from Georgian Bay! Enjoy.

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