Thursday, April 18, 2019

Animal Welfare News in Ontario

In this episode of hoofbeats we want to encourage you to demand that the government immediately bring in interim animal protection measures.

In our conversation with Dr. Kendra Coulter, she provides information on her studies on different approaches to animal cruelty investigations work through field research, interviews and policy and statistical analysis.  Please read her full report, A More Humane and Safer Ontario.

"Animal Cruelty exists on a spectrum," Coulter explains "It is directly connected to violence against women and children, and often occurs alongside other serious crimes."  The report offers possible solutions!

We talk about the importance of regulations and regular inspections.  We hope you'll listen and take some action too.  We also urge you to insist that a provincial trustee is appointed to manage what's left of the OSPCA, so future donations actually go to protecting animals, not to its current senior management team. A new animal welfare system needs to be built on the existing infrastructure, with service delivery by the public sector, immediately.

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