Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ask The Pro's (at Budson's in Erin)

In this edition of hoofbeats, we sneak you into the audience during the second half of the Ask The Pro's session that was presented by Budson's Farm and Feed (provisions for country living).  The Spring Horse Course focused on Wellness, Training and Best Care in a series of three workshops with guest speakers, refreshments, resources and door prizes!  Can you believe these types of sessions have been going on at least 12 years?  What a wonderful resource to the equine community!
hoofbeats was honoured to attend!

What a great turn out!
We loved the tips that pastures need nutrition too, and the importance of consistency in the source of your hay.  It is so important to know why we are feeding what we are feeding, and how valuable testing hay can be...  not to mention the benefits of record keeping!

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