Thursday, April 23, 2020

Helping the Schoolies!

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Here is a picture of me on a rollercoaster, when I was about 12, and wearing a tee that brings me back memories!  I love the athleticism and willingness of the three freestyle gymnastic jumping horses in that logo of yore.  Back when I was just getting started with Margaret Godson, and she was just getting started with Myrddin Equestrian Centre.

Last week I had to spread the word that after 41 years in business, she is shutting down. There is a Molson and Sally Retirement Fund Raiser for two extremely loyal, generous horses who helped several hundred students learn to ride from their first trot to flying changes. Combined they have 44 years of service at Myrddin Equestrian Centre.

"Myrddin is selling off all our equipment. In a Fund Raiser to give Molson and Sally the retirement they so richly deserve. If you would like to donate to the cause etransfers can be sent to Any donations are gratuitously received."

With current economic conditions combined with social distancing protocols, selling a horse you can no longer afford to keep, is already next to impossible. Without revenue coming in, the lesson horses who are the heroes of our sport, will no longer receive basic care. Please help save the rest of Ontario’s riding schools and their beloved lesson horses. You can help here.
We also air a segment from retired broadcaster Carol Mott, who personally has lost revenue of 75 lessons per week, for a month at time she was guesting on another station.  Its a segment that can help those outside the industry understand what it is like behind the doors they were told to close, and the risk that many won't be able to feed those horses.

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