Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hoofbeats radio May news (an update for The Rider)

Recent interviews on the radio show include connections we made at the University of Guelph’s Equine Career Night, including a chat with Barry Finn of the Rider! If you missed the broadcast on 93.3fm in the Guelph area, remember that you can listen to it anytime at We post each a description of each episode, along with a photo each week. Some of the files are also podcasted, so you are also able to subscribe to the monthly highlights in iTunes and Spotify.

We were delighted, recently, to host a round table discussion with some of the members of Guelph Pony Club, who also ride at HorseWorks in Rockwood. Some of our future shows will include their adorable Horse of the Week segments! We recently congratulated Lyle Lovett’s horse Smart & Shiney for being hoofbeats horse of the week, with more related music and conversation, which was another fun segment we hope you enjoy.

We would also like to highlight our discussion with Dr. Gordon Chang of Omega Alpha, which is certainly worth a listen. We are pleased to mention that future shows will include some product giveaways! We can’t wait to share the details of the prizes and ways to win.

With the radio station on campus now closed due to the pandemic, we have had to shift our processes to create the shows remotely. So, our broadcasts have been less focused on the musical components that our programming usually offers, but nonetheless there are at least a few musical gems built in. Other feature interviews are brought to you by a returning co-host, University of Guelph BBRM student, Amanda St Onge, using new technology to record phone calls. We expect Noelle from Mad Barn to be a returning guest with more tips on equine nutrition!

We also introduced a new segment called Equine Podcast Playlist, where we gave a great review to horse — and since then, I was invited as an interview guest with Glenys Cox! The intention is to share that recording on hoofbeats as well. There is so much passion and knowledge in our equine sector, it was great to connect to an expert based in Australia.

One topic we touched on is that I started riding at Myrddin Equestrian Centre, with Margaret Godson when I was 12 years old. This week I had to spread the word that after 41 years in business, she is shutting down. It was important to highlight that there is a Molson and Sally Retirement Fund Raiser for two extremely loyal, generous horses who helped several hundred students learn to ride from their first trot to flying changes. Combined they have 44 years of service at Myrddin Equestrian Centre.
Myrddin is selling off their equipment to raise funds to give Molson and Sally the retirement they so richly deserve. If you would like to donate to the cause etransfers can be sent to

We have let the public know that with the current economic conditions, and social distancing protocols, selling a horse you can no longer afford to keep, is next to impossible. We have been spreading the message that without revenue coming in, the lesson horses who are the heroes of our industry, will no longer receive basic care. For barns that cannot support their horses, and cannot find a home for them, the spectre of euthanasia and slaughter looms. Hoofbeats has been strongly supporting and adding to all efforts to help save Ontario’s riding schools and their beloved lesson horses. We have also done our very best to share helpful information about caring for your horses during a pandemic.

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