Thursday, May 07, 2020

Mother's Day Edition

In today's episode we bring you an interview from University of Guelph BBRM student reporter, Amanda St. Onge, and her long time family friend Carol Fleming. You will hear how Carol grew up training wild mustangs in Wyoming, before moving to Canada. Her father was an Appaloosa breeder and an incredible horseman. You will hear about the cattle ranch and how Carol manages it, with horses.

We also share some of the latest news from Provincial Sport office and the Equestrian Canada Announcement in regards to the "Return to Business Operations Framework"

There is music from Aimee Charbonneau and Bahamas, as well as the tune The Ranchers Song by Don Edwards. We do a shout out to fellow frubie Jenny Mitchell, and cfru in general.

And we announce a repeat winner of Horse of the Week -
        the beautiful Bella Lula, an established, successful brood mare coming for sale, who has a special place in the heart of hoofbeats radio founder Kim Logue.

And, Kim's mom volunteered for the show this week. Happy Mother's Day everybody!

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