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#21 04-20-08 Mother Nature?

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Kate Romanenko is a talented horsewoman who has worked at numerous racetracks and both English and Western Show barns throughout the US and Canada. Several years ago, dissatisfied with her hum drum work in administration and consumed with her love for horses, Kate made the decision to change her life. She armed herself with a certificate from the Oklahoma Horse Shoeing School (a two-year apprenticeship with a blacksmith) and then in 2002 she enrolled in a hoof trimming seminar facilitated by an internationally-renowned veterinarian. This experience changed Kate’s entire concept of equine management. As a result she stopped shoeing horses and has adopted a new, non-invasive style of trimming hooves. She is the Founder and President of Nature's Barefoot Hoofcare Guild. I heard her speak, and took her pass around show and tell horse parts at a terrific lecture at the Country Depot.

Q. first, tell us more about your background with horses
Q. now tell us a little more about your current involvement with horses

Q. about barefoot methods
I read the Still on Steel article in the February/March issue, Volume 1 Issue 1, with great interest.A local blacksmith I spoke with has concerns about the barefoot trim methods and contends that there are situations where horse shoes make more sense than the natural approach. He said he does the dishes wearing his Birkenstocks for the orthopedic comfort, rather than standing at the sink in bare feet, and that horses sometimes benefit from corrective shoeing in much the same way. He also makes the point about draft horses that are shod with huge corks and studs to provide them the additional traction for their work. How do these situations fit with your philosophies?
Signed,Horse care giver in Guelph

do you know chantel?
it would be nice to have pics and talk about when going barefoot for the first time

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Today’s question is what are the most common complaints regarding manure management on horse farms, and what methods are used by the horse owners to resolve the issues?
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Q. Are you a member of the Ontario Farrier's Association?
Q. What do you think of what I recently read. "Choice of farrier might have a significant influence not only on the shape of a horse's hoof, but on the animal's soundness and athletic ability as well, according to new research carried out by veterinarians in Switzerland"
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