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#20 04-13-2008 Equus 3D

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[ ] news (6:44) (notes?) In the headlines today:
Eventing accident raises safety concerns
Ontario Coaches week is launched
Equine Canada looking to hire
And Cheval Chic Gala announced
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[ ] grandpa's legacy (8:55)
9:15 [ ] guest introduction
Equus 3D is the home of UofG EC's eventing classes, and it is run by MH Lessard. I have been hoping to have MH on the show since it started! And especially since we ran into each other at the world qualifier last fall at Wit's End, at a National Dressage Show at the Caledon Horse Park at then again at the OEF conference. I think I first met MH at an Instructor Evaluation clinic and she was also my examiner the first time I took the Rider Level 6 test

Q. Tell us your background with horses
Q. Describe your current involvement with horses.
Q. Describe your facility
Q. Any upcoming dates and events at your place
- I am curious about your past Open House because it sounded so fun.
- How do you get so many sponsors?
- How many volunteers does each event take?

9:25 [ ] Ask Equine Guelph (2:37)
Today’s question is about composting. I bought a small acreage and for the last 10 years no one has done anything with the fields. The soil needs a lot of help. I have 5 horses and want to use their natural fertilizer. Would it be better to pile and compost the manure (from the fileds) and spread it later in the fall or just harrow on a regular basis?
[ ] Horse Life, 2nd segment, Wes Equestrian Centre, Allicia (5:23)
[ ] Western Round Up - brought to us by the Rider (3:00?)

9:33 [ ] more guest introduction
3 yrs ago, Canada began a major project to re-invigorate its national sport system, in response to concers about
- Canada's lack of physical activity (growing obesity epidemic particularly among children)
- the perceived poor performance of Canadian teams internationally.

2 yrs later, The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) recognized sports who have made a significant contribution to coaching education. During this celebration Equine Canada was profiled as 1 of 66 sports involved in the NCCP to have made advancements in the stream of Instruction. Equine Canada then provided a special acknowledgement to the key contributors, including MH.

In this year's April issue of their magazine, the Ontario Equestrian Federation recognized and thanked MH Lessard "for her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication over the past few years in her role as English Master Course Conductor for Ontario."

I know you continue on as NCCP Theory Course Facilitator and Course Conductor.
Q. Are you also involved in the "Young Event Horse Program"?

I read The Canadian Eventing National Officials Committee invited all eventing officials (and all individuals aspiring to become eventing officials) to learn more about the new accreditation and education programs for the new "three day event judge."
Q. Are you currently a judge or a TD? Did you attend the session to find out how to go about it.?

[ ] Equine Events Calendar - Kelly (2:16)
[ ] Peter stops by (1:55)

9:40 [ ] more discussion with guest
I know the other day you were in a grade 7 class doing sport interviews in French.
Q. So I wanted to know what french HORSE-words you can teach us today!!
cheval, dressage

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