Thursday, March 20, 2008

#20 04-13-2008 - Easter Sunday

rebroadcasting Feb 17th show

[ ] weather report, button box items

[ ] Track 1 = 44 min
- intro song 4:28
- evolution report 4:29
- thanks to jessica, ergot and chesnut
- guest intro
horse whisperer? Natural Horseman? i don't think there is an appropriate term for Ron Chauvin's brand of all-discipline appropriate training. i do know that having grown up around the horse show world, Ron reached a point in his life where what he was doing and witnessing wasn't fitting with him anymore -- that he reached a point where he either had to find a new way or a new past time. His passion the for horse ran very deep and finding a new way won out.
- part 1 ron chauvin
- news (5:26)
- stn/show id, we've been in conversation with ron chauvin who has been sharing secrets of his methods, and we were just talking about the importance of leadership, and understanding a horse's nature, to maximize the potential in our partnership with horses
- part 2 (5:18)
- ask EG-freezing compost (3:41)
- horse of the week (1:40)
- ron part 3 (2:28)
- breed of the week (1:31)

Track 2 (4:01)
Jenn Grant song: theme of CBC's Heartland show that airs Sunday evenings

Track 3 (6:03)
Another great "Hors-tory" report from Hoofbeats reporter Jessica Miller

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