Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breed Profile Interview Template

interview location:
interviewee's name and contact info:

[ ] recorded introduction and participant's verbal consent
file name/number:

Q. so tell us about the ____________

Q. where does the breed originate from?

Q. today, where can you find these horses? (how many in Canada?)

Q. what is the average height?

Q. what are the typical colours and markings?

Q. what is their temperment usually like?

Q. what are some of the other distinguishing characteristics/features that make them stand out?

Q. what disciplines are they used for?

Q. are there any famous or celebrity horses of the breed?

Q. how can people learn more about them?

Q. what makes the breed special to you?

[ ] offer thanks for participation and provide flyer with show contact info and other details

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