Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#19 04-06-08 Equine Assisted Learning

[ ] promo (30 sec)
[ ] news 5:19
[ ] weather/climate change report, show overview & guest introduction
Victoria Poe is an accomplished educator with international experience, who has been involved with horses for more than 20 years. Victoria incorporated horses into her field of education and training, when she founded 2 Lead Change -- a business specializing in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning, to enhance leadership and communication skills.

She enjoys helping people grow, whether in their careers or their personal lives – and clearly welcomes innovative approaches to learning. She holds a Bachelor of Education specializing Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and is a certified Teacher of Ontario.
discussion with guest

Q. Tell us about your back ground with horses
Equine Canada Rider 2, Canadian Therapeutic Riding Assistant Instructor Certification
Q. tell us more about the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Certification, training in the use of horses to assist human development.
Q. Team Building tell us about the variety of groups, at the “Ranch”,
Q. speak to how experiential learning promotes team clarity and facilitates goal setting or strategic planning.
Q. describe how In-house workshops explore how individuals impact effective planning and implementation working within a team
did you know about/how does it compare to this[ ] horse life (6:00, Wes Equestrian )
9:30[ ] button box stuff
[ ] horse of the week (2:41)
[ ] Ask Equine Guelph (3:33)Today’s question is about emergency planning. What is the best method to identify my horse in an emergency? What method or type of identification seems the most safe, convenient and accessible? Also, what precautions should horse owners take to assist emergency responders in the event that a horse needs to be reunited with an owner?more discussion with guest
Q. where, when and why do you wear a helmet?
santa claus parade,
Q. what do you think of my roads and trail tips
[ ] equine events calendar (3:38)
[ ] horse crazy (2:2?)
final words with guest
Q. tell us more about your current involvment with horses (how many, where)
Q. let's talk Paso fino.[ ] horsin' around report - paso fino (4:00)
[ ] closing credits, thanks etc.

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Kim Logue-like-vogue said...

News – great music intro, and flow
only 1 source per hit; popping p’s, 5:19 seems long for 3 stories
Dressage Canada.org how do you pronounce chief d’equippe?
Cbc car crash story

Nice how Volunteer did the weather
I accidentally sound grumpy when I joke that I am doing the intro

“thank you so much for being here” is a not a good “open ended” question to invite the guest to speak to.

Horses are teachers for us!
New exciting field, equine assisted growth groups
Horse Spirit Connections
Leadership, teambuilding
I have concerns over allowing the HorseLife example to air re: reply to scariest horse moment, girth error lunging episode; Great use of clip of subject introducing self, and nice link to part 2 next week.

Random Kelly K bio aired without the events calendar

Great 1st time appearance from mark, no music bed yet.

Nice that the volunteer did the thanks/credits at the end of the show. And the 948 Broadcast spiel.
I did a good download from the archive commercial

Haven’t I ever heard of 5 seconds of silence?