Sunday, March 30, 2008

#26 05-25-2008 Dr. Susan Raymond

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[ ] guest welcome and introduction
I know Susan mostly from EquiMania, which is where supposedly KIDS learn about horses, but which has taught me ALOT. I am also really interested in taking the Equine Environment on-line course she teaches for Equine Guelph. Susan oversees the communications program and is heavily involved in the education programs of Equine Guelph.
The University of Guelph has a long and proud history of providing service for horses and horse owners, dating back tot he establishment of the Ontario Veterinary College in 1862. Today, Equine Guelph's mandate incudes all equine activities at the University of Guelph. And Hoofbeats! is proud to be supported by EG
Discussion with Guest
Q. so tell us more about your education and background for your role(s) at Equine Guelph
Q. EquiMania! prize pack giveaway
Q. Ride Day, trailering etc. etc.

[ ] pegasus reading from Susan Stafford (6:56)

[ ] Mark intro
Hoofbeats! is celebrating 6 months by expanding the show to a 2 hour show, and adding another co-host. A handsome cowboy co-host! Mark Grice will continue to appear with us on a regular basis...
One of our intended forthcoming presentation-projects is WORKSHEETS for equine professionals (or wanna-be's), to review in conjuction with their horsey activities. Since we have a managing the Equine Environment teacher here, Mark wants to discuss a few items on our "what to look for in a boarding stable" shopping checklist.
Q. managing the Equine Environment: things to look for
highlight a few items from the worksheeti.e. i am encouraging Hoofbeats! Contributors to complete these surveys when they visit facilities.
the worksheet is intended as part of a series that we will seek EG, OEF, and Equine Canada support for -- Hoofbeats! wants equine businesses to easily incorporate recommendations from all these organizations.

[ ] the rider contra ad script/western round up (2:00)
Q. OEC updates?Q. personal background with horses (favourite horse, memories etc.)
Q. what courses is EG looking to add or develop? challenges etc.

[ ] thanks to guest gift - a cfru NONbumper sticker for your non-gas-guzzling bike or saddle
[ ] thanks to the houseplants for the music we use in our intro, contributors jessica, mark...
[ ] preview upcoming show(s)request for feedback. content or tech, time preferences for future etc.seeking intern to tech a show, cfru volunteering blurb
[ ] cowboy song (?:??) [ ] stream to bbc at top of hour

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