Monday, April 07, 2008

#23 05-04-2008 OHHA Talk

[ ] promo/description (30 +38 sec)
[ ] Nikky's Horsin' Around Interview (4:44)
[ ] show overview: just heard, regular features coming up
[ ] climate change report guest intros/welcome:
Brian Tropea and John Walzak, Chief Operating Officer, OHHA
An association of owners, trainers, and drivers of Standardbred horses. With the purpose to represent Ontario harness horsePEOPLE in negotiations of purses, racing conditions, and all matters affecting the industry as a whole. With the tracks, Standardbred Canada, the Ontario Racing Commission, and the Provincial and Federal governments.

discussion with guest:Q. tell us about the association and its mandates
Q. what benefits do members get?Q. some of the smaller tracks have just opened... how many, where etc.
Q. tell us about backstretch conditions, purse structures, race conditions
Q. what can you tell us about
the future of slots/horses and racetracks?

[ ] Event Announcement (3:00)
[ ] Introduce Standardbred Showcase Reporter (need bio)
[ ] Kelly reads from Listener Letters/Questions

[ ] Ask Equine Guelph ? (3:33)
Q. what do members know about equine diseases, health and daily care?
Q. why are substances banned? are steroids as abuse?
Q. how does ohha counteract the negative publicity racing gets?
Q. how does ohha promote horse racing as a tourist event and distraction?

Q. upcoming events
[ ] broadcast radius
[ ] thanks/credits: jessica also known as horsica miller, rick rhodes, dallas or texas as her friends call her, our horsin' around teenager nikky and her mom heather, steve, james, the houseplants for their music and of course our guests!
[ ] next show preview: set your alarm! next week we have Mark Grice, recently featured cowboy poet and artist, returning to talk about his training philosophies.

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