Thursday, May 29, 2008

Think Fit, Helmet Fit - Published Article

(submitted for the Sept/Oct Safety Issue of Horse Power Kids, with pics)

While no hard hat can protect the wearer against all possible injuries, they have been proven to help. Remember, helmets only work if they are worn consistently, fit correctly and are properly secured.

1) Try different brands, because they are different! I have a friend who says she has a Troxel head, not a Tipperary head. Keep your receipt and read all the instructions that come with your helmet. Some have a replacement policy if the helmet sustains an impact!

2) Shake head side to side and back and forth, to ensure that there is no movement of the hat A snug helmet should sit level on top of your head. If it tips back or worse, bounces around when you are riding, it is too loose! It should cover your forehead, two fingers or one inch above eyebrow, without pinching temples

3) When your helmet is fastened and you move it, the skin on your forehead should move with it. To ensure your chinstrap is snug enough, try a yawn test – you should feel the hat press down when you open your mouth in a wide yawn.

Side Bar
The Tipperary Sportage has vents that keep it cool and cushiony liner pads that make it comfortable. The extended rear shell was developed to protect during a backwards fall. It has a fully adjustable 4-point harness. Don’t forget to tie hair back, braid it or wear a hairnet!

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