Saturday, May 31, 2008

#26 06-01-2008 What's News?

[ ] pre-recorded show intro/description from com 1 (30+38 sec)
[ ] psa's/ads from com 1 (2 min?)
[ ] stn id/show number/date
[ ] theme = "NEWS, and an on-air hoofbeats meeting"
[ ] recap upcoming regular segments
[ ] tech volunteer plea
[ ] climate change report

M) Rodeos, Erin Rodeo
K1) top story from a facebook group i joined, the etc.
"He spooked at something while being ridden and bolted," described Allen. "The rider came off and the horse ran toward the barn. He got into a freak accident and slid into the side of the barn and lacerated his right hind leg about 4 inches above the fetlock on the back of the leg. It looked like a knife cut it; he severed the superficial and deep digital flexor tendons, ligaments, cut both branches of the arterial blood supply, and nerves.Memories of Teddy O'Connor."My experience with injuries like this are that the chances of reattaching the vascular supply and nerve supply and reattaching the tendons and ligaments is almost zero," said Allen. "The horse was remarkably calm and let me examine him completely.
K2) see printed e-mail from USEF and heard from friend who is giving up eventing and doesn't want her daughter doing it either:1. If a horse has a rotational fall, horse and rider are suspended from competing for three or six months2. If a horse has a rotational fall, horse and rider lose their qualification at the level at which they are competing.3. If a rider falls off on the course they are eliminated.4. Open oxers on courses at every level are made frangible.5. If a horse falls related to a jump both horse and rider are suspended from competing for one month.
[ ] horse N around - percheron (4min) -nikky
[ ] horse of the week (3:00) - jessica
[ ] horse tales (3:00) - hilary

hoofbeats housekeeping, listener and contributor feedback requested:
Q. facebook group, evaluation form, groundwire links etc.
Q. importance of maintaining 9 oclock spot? what about splitting show/weekdays 7-9 etc.?
Q. should we care if our example is not an Equine Canada or OEF sanctioned example?
Q. are we presenting opposing views? using more than one source? and letting audience decide
[ ] play Jessica's new promo?
[ ] Equine events - ride day, donkey day:
The 15th annual Donkey Day at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is on Sunday June 8th 11am-4pm. It’s on Maltby Road west of the Hanlon. Lots of events for kids.

[ ] ncra feature (10min), read entry form? own copyright etc.
[ ] credits/thanks
[ ] farrier phone in show next week
[ ] preview for next show on cfru's schedule

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