Monday, June 02, 2008

Secrets of the OEF 06-29-08

The Ontario Equestrian Federation is a not-for-profit sport-governing office that provides education, leadership and support to individuals, associations and businesses in Ontario's horse community. The OEF provides members with a variety of services, programs and benefits, and represent their interests to the general public and to varying levels of government. In short - the OEF stands for all things equine.  Our guest in this edition of hoofbeats is Jack de Wit, President of the OEF

Horse Farms are an important, significant and increasing part of the rural Ontario landscape, and our next report comes from a researcher learning more about the exact role they play. Horse ownership has become increasingly popular -- providing important recreational and social connections and contributing to the rural economy. I've been told that the farmers don't consider anything horse-related, farm-related. And, that horse farms are treated as a commercial venture and don't get the agricultural tax breaks that say, a tobacco grower gets! So I tracked down an OVC, PhD student who conducted a survey in April 2007, to see what she learned about horses in the rural countryside...

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