Thursday, October 02, 2008

# 45 -10-05-08 On Track

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[ ] In this episode we are going to rebroadcast the very first interview ever played on hoofbeats radio, with course designer, author and all around horse-character Hugh Morshead. We just heard that he has a new book coming out, and we will make sure to tell you more about that. Today, we also have a HorseNaround report, a horse job to highlight from and a fun story from Horisca Miller. This week I am featuring Kelly M's interview with ORC judge Rick Rier (approx 13 mins), segments about the starting car, telephoto Ontario (4 mins each) and the adult harness racing camp taking place this weekend at GRR.

[ ] phone number to call in 519-837-2378, e-mail: or, post something for at the group on face book. we've started posting pictures as well as sources and links on our blog, found through the link on the cfru schedule page.

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fuel shortage stories

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the rider 1:15

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[ ] feature interview, 11:30

[ ] Horisca Miller provides a horse communicator story3:17
[ ] four min segments from start car (4:00)
[ ] - do manual read of Country Hill Farm job if no e-mail rec'd

[ ] interview intro
[ ] interview, 13

[ ] music, Secrets 'n Lies (cdn, new, fem, request)

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[ ] can we play Stew Gunn off the CFRU compilation?

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That's it for this edition of hoofbeats.
Our contributors this week are Jessica Miller, Mark Grice, Nikky Grobbo
Special thanks to Hugh Morshead.
For CD copies of this show contact To listen from, go to the alternate program archive, and choose Sunday 9 am.
Kim Logue is our producer...
Welcome to another Nikki and Shelly who have both recently completed CFRU volunteer sign up sheets in a desire to participate regularly on hoofbeats!
I am .... your host
Thanks for listening!

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