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#46 10-12-2008 Bomb Proofing

Mark to host. Kim to Tech as demo to Shelley.
A wish for Call in's or drop-by's!

[ ] guest bio/intro:

Kathy Fremes is the current chair of the Ontario Equestrian Federation Horse Facilities Advisory Council, which provides support through marketing and promotion, educational opportunities and accreditation for commercial horse facilities with standards that ensure animal welfare, safe farm procedures and practises and a quality product for horse people, no matter their interest.

Q. tell us about upcoming events at the OEF Conference
Q. can you give us a sneak preview of the "bulletproofing your horse business" seminar?

She brings to this job 20-years of experience owning and managing Country Hill Equestrian Centre in Stouffville which is a breeding, boarding, training and teaching operation. Her farm's motto is the best thing for the inside of a person is the outside of the horse.

Country Hil offers lessons as well as offers Rider Retreats and cooking classes and catering, featuring farm to fork freshness. As an EC certified coach Kathy's educational approach focuses on creating communication, confidence and correct skills in her students and their mounts.

"With this foundation the ribbons will follow--but my first goal is to produce all rounded horsepeople who not only love to ride but can understand horses and look after their needs first."

[ ] Kim met Kathy through an ad on the Ontario Equestrian Federation's website, for a teacher/trainer. At the time, I was living in Toronto and didn't have a car so it was a dream come true when Kathy explained to me how close to her farm in Stouffville the Go Train came and actually offerred to pick me up at the station. And, she is the person who inspired me to seek instructor certification.


On Country Hill's website it says that the facility was "recently inspected by the Ontario Equestrian Federation team of examiners for the Association of Riding Establishments (ARE). We are the first stable in Ontario who received straight "A"s in the history of this association. The facility is graded on site standards, program standards, and management standards. ARE has replaced the old system where stables were regulated by the Riding Establishment Act under the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. ARE is the new regulating body for the industry in this province."

Q. Talk to us about what the OEF Facility Council is, and why it is important for Horse Businesses to be a part of it
Q. Does the General Public need to know more about suitable Horse Business Practices?
Please give us feedback on our hoofbeats site survey document.
Do you have any feedback on our findings should be used?
Would it be useful to the general public when stable searching/facility shopping?
advice to pitch Regular Column/Biz worksheets to OEF, EC?
Q. What are some of the important issues facing facility owners today?
Q. What tips do you have for barn owners in this environment?

[ ] Go to Kim to do news:
#1) Sunrise
#2) More Drug Testing Results from the Olympics
#3) American euthansia clinic -- California low-cost euthanasia clinic on Dec. 17 for owners who, due to economic or other reasons, are unable to care for their horses. Owners charged $25

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More off air discussion topics:
The 11-member Equine Canada Board of Directors consists of three Director-at-Large positions, which are elected by the membership, with one Director-at-Large position elected each year for a three-year term. (The other positions on the Board are elected through each of the four councils; Breeds and Industry, Provincial, Recreation and Sport).

What do you know about/Have you ever thought of running for the EC board?
Is there anyone/any skill sets would you like to see
Q. What can you tell us about your experience on the OEF board?

2nd discussion with guest
Q. have you ever seen Cavalia? The Dancing White Stallions?
feedback re: Letter of recommendations/letter of intent
= 1 per month, series of 12 Pony Tales radio dramatizations for hoofbeats!

= educational horse entertainments ? harbourfront

[ ] Mark & Kim to do events listings

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